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to smile & survive

Against overwhelming odds & evens. face to face with a wild beast coming from the other side of the east. rally with it in the middle of the desert called nyat. re-approximation occurs when both i & the beast above in the hypersky start to cry. occurrence needs the heart's rage. the wild beast is freed from the cycle of collusion & the siege, in the desert. the cage expects the call. some will eventually stay for the trial. there need be strength to smile & survive.

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mittageisen: automaten

Abend - Unrast auf den Strassen Heute gab es viel zu tun Arbeit - nur für Automaten Im Strassenlärm - die schweigende Mehrheit Warten an der Endstation Arbeit - nur für Automaten Vergessen - ausgewogen im Fernsehen Unwissen breitet sich aus Arbeit - nur für Automaten Neue Ideen verwendet ohne Gedanken Geschichte wird weiter gemacht Arbeit - nur für Automaten Leben - in schwierigen Zeiten Ordnungen lösen sich auf Arbeit - nur für Automaten Zerrissene Sätze von neuen Herren Fremde Stimmen in meinem Ohr Arbeit - nur für Automaten Neue Geräusche - ein Lächeln gegenüber Erhellt die Dunkelheit Arbeit - nur für Automaten Küsse im Regen - keine Zeit zum Warten Wir gehen unseren Weg Arbeit - nur für Automaten

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the universal rhythm in nature, life and society

Nothing is static in the physical universe. All is in a state of constant flux.  And nothing changed significantly since the beginning of the physical universe. Stuff is or was created and then that stuff is turned into something else. The laws didn't change, they are the same.
The rhythm is the same. And by rhythm, i mean:

Rhythm = Time + Information acting together.

Everything will eventually stop being what it is and become something else. Nothing can escape this. Example: an atom will gather one or two more electrons and then change into another 'form' with other properties; some star will lose its gravity pull, expand and then explode or collapse; a flower will blossom in Spring, then it will disappear to give birth to the fruit or the seed.

This poses a language problem.
We use the verb 'to be'  when referring to existing objects: they are there because they exist. But existence is a process of becoming something else. So actually we shouldn't use the present form 'is' and instead use the form 'is being' or we can try to use the verb 'to become' .

Of course, by changing the present tense or by using the verb 'to become', on practical terms, we will only add confusion to the communication.

1. The sun is a star.
1.a. The sun is being a star. - OK
1.b. The sun becomes a star. - less OK

2. Swallows are birds.
2.a. Swallows are being birds. - weird. Not OK. (it's poetic, though)
3.b. Swallows become birds. - less OK.

3. That house used to be yellow.
3.a. That house used to being yellow. - Nonsense. Not OK.
3.b. That house used to become yellow. - weird. Not OK.

This makes no sense, grammar has its own rules and they serve their purpose. But changing them sometimes may clarify other areas that appear to be less clear. Applying this, for example, to the subjects relating to the individual, the society and basically all that is related to mankind, may prove to be (to become - here it fits) of a useful value.

A person is born and this person P has all the life L waiting to unfold.
P here is the Cause
L the Info Pathway

L can only unfold within the Universal Rhythm (see above)

When P is born, P cannot be unborn. That cannot be changed.

And P is born into that Universal Rhythm of Life, of Nature, of everything — that also cannot be changed. When P is born, a chain of events is established and the only way for P to go 'forward' is by tuning in to this Rhythm. By 'forward' i mean making choices that help P achieve the complete fulfillment of the L that awaits P at the moment of birth — in other words, to make the most out of Life. P should be striving to achieve that goal, or P's Cause. The good thing about the fulfillment of the goal is that it brings much happiness, inner peace and joy.

I said 'striving' because it's a war P has to wage against all the impediments, all the obstacles and all the counter-currents P faces on the way to become what P truly is. P must strive to be genuine, to express P's true nature. And that nature, that essence that P carries from the moment P is born must be always finely tuned with the Rhythm of the Universe. This process of becoming true does bring with it much strife and maybe much suffering, but in the end, when D comes, P will know how to accept it as part of a cycle and will know how an end is just the beginning of something else.

Also, society is always in the process of becoming something else.
Society cannot turn a blind eye to this universal rhythm of life. If society itself is a congregation of Life, how on earth can it do so? Doing so makes it false, untrue, and puts even more stones on the Person's path to happiness and joy. And if many Persons of a certain society cannot fulfill their cause, or express their essence, society will enter a process of decay. The fabric of society will eventually tear and something new will come, something more in tune with that Rhythm. 

I think humans should always keep an eye on what's going on in Nature. Nature is like a Clock, it synchronizes us with a Universal Time far beyond the one we use to govern our daily chores, the stop-go time we see in rush hour, the bad timing of politicians, the time of 'getting at work on time' etc. Nature always, no matter what, urges us to be truer to our essence. Power and money are like the big corruptors, they make humans forget who they really should strive to become.

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O que há entre ti e o teu reflexo? Um mundo de coisas sem nexo. Há espaço e conforto perene e na ausência de alguém que te acompanhe, podes sempre pedir champanhe para te aconchegar. Há luxo e limusinas nesta metrópole hipérbole. Muitos sabores e cores para degustar. Há brilho nas coisas bonitas e um clube onde o teu nome é um cocktail. Agora acorda e perdoa o despertar.

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indochine: kao bang

La petite fille est une guerrière Elle joue à ce qu'il faut pas faire Contre les dragons, elle frappe les yeux fermés Avec son sabre attaque les cavaliers Sur un cheval en Mandchourie C'est dans la plaine qu'elle y sévit Le baron fou est un tyran Il pille, il tue les paysans Et ses bandits ont volé l'or du Sin Kiang Elle décida d'y mettre K.O. Chaos Bang La guerre fit rage jusqu'au matin La ville tomba entre leurs mains Kao Kao Bang Et dans le ciel elle est si belle Quand elle sourit sous le soleil Avec son sabre défendra son village Et les dragons les mettra dans une cage La petite fille est une guerrière Elle joue à ce qu'il faut pas faire Kao Kao Bang Et dans le ciel elle est si belle Quand elle sourit sous le soleil Avec son sabre défendra son village Et les dragons les mettra dans une cage La petite fille est une guerrière Elle joue à ce qu'il faut pas faire Kao Kao Bang...

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time analogy as a spiral

1. The I at the center stands for Information.

2. The Center of the spiral is where the Primal Cause would stand.

3. Green lines coming from the center of the spiral are Information Part-ways (i just put some randomly, they are the 'arms' of the spiral), but i think that their number can be determined. In this example i put eight of them. 

4. Information Part-ways become Information Pathways.

5.  Cw, Cx, Cetc show how causality can be non-linear outside the frame of sequential time.

I tried to portray time as a Spiral because i think it is truer to its nature. If i could make it in a 3D drawing i would probably draw some egg-shape thing.

In our 4D reality, a linear arrow of time is fine, it suits us very well and it doesn't pose any real troublesome kind of problem. But as we shift to slightly different more complex scales such as the universe or our consciousness, then we start to face more and more inconsistencies, more and more question marks, up until things just stop making any sense. And no matter from how many angles we try to look at the problem, there is always something that seems or feels odd and not quite right. 

Back to the image above: the line that connects the Past and the Future is the same, there are no disruptions. But the future and the past are thus connected in a different way than that which we are usually accustomed to or perceive. The relationship between two Events (or the answer to the 'why now and why here?' question), can be found sometimes, very far away in Time, either in the Future or in the Past. 

I make no reference to Space.
That is because i think Space is the where physical/material things exist. It is the vehicle for Energy to travel and the arena where Events manifest themselves. Time is where the immaterial and the 'hidden' travel, the laws that govern what happens in Space are imprinted in Time. 
I can also say that space is where the Existence is, and Time is where the Essence is.

cf.: sense and meaning, primordial time and the primal cause and cause-effect, time, energy, information

domingo, 25 de novembro de 2012

causes, related events: shapes: flowers, fountains & blackholes (changed to)

Basically what i have been saying is that everything sprung from the same Root or Primal Cause, that First Cause that preceded the material universe. And like the leaves of the a tree all share a relatively common Cx, so all the stars, all the atoms and all the living beings share a relatively common Cw, Cy and Cz respectively. 

That is, the cause behind a random leaf and the information that shaped it into what it is with all its properties, is similar to the cause and information that shaped all the other leaves that exist. Thus, we humans were able to form the concept of 'leaf'.

In the same fashion, we can say the same about the stars or atoms. Stars or atoms sprung from two different causes with their different corresponding information. This information shaped them into what they are, 'gave' them their essence. And thus, we humans we able to form their concepts. These concepts carry part of their information, and this information stemmed from a cause far away in sequential time. By going back on the cause-effect chain, we arrive at the first Primal Cause. The mother of all we perceive to exist in the universe.

When the cause-effect process occurs, an information pathway is established. This information pathway is fixed momentarily in the event. Events are the physical manifestation of the causal process. They are of a temporary nature. No event in the universe is permanent because time will eventually exert its 'force' on it, and turn it into something else. Events are like causes made manifest in the material universe. An epiphenomena of the causal process, but very useful because they give us clues to what's going on 'behind the curtain'.

Example 1:

An oak seed falls on fertile soil. The seed has inside it all the information that will eventually manifest as an oak. Here, the seed is the cause, it is hidden beneath the earth.
In this example, the effect — what the cause strives to be — is the full grown oak, the seed in its its full completion. The cause of the seed forces the development of the oak and the information in the seed gives it its shape and its properties.
In the process of becoming, the oak develops. First a little plant, then it grows stronger, strengthens its wood, its branches and if there are no impediments to its growth, it will 'fulfill' its cause and manifest all the information that seed-cause carried inside.

But i must make a distinction between the star, the oak tree, an object like a clock hanging on the wall and we, the humans. We have the faculty of the will coupled with that of the conscience of the self. And that changes a lot of stuff. We stem from a common cause, like everything else, but we are much more, our cause is a generating one, it's a creator cause, free form the determined fate of the oak seed when planted. The oak seed can never grow into a palm tree. And here is the big difference. 

Example 2:  

2.1 The Daisy and the Garden Fountain. These two apparently have nothing in common. Their causes, or what makes them what they are, appear to come from two completely different sources. A daisy is a flower. The garden fountain is a static-dynamic structure made of water. But looking at their shape, we can see similarities. They both spring from a surface into a vertical line the exact same way up until a point where they both open up, to give way to a circle-shape. Looking from above to a daisy or a fountain, we a circle with a center. The center of the daisy is where the seeds are. The daisy-seed is what gives the daisy-plant its shape. The center of the garden fountain is where the force that gives it its shape is most obvious. That pull that forces the water to come up.  So, C-flower and C-fountain most certainly have a C-f common to both with the exact same information.

2.2  Black-holes

This type of thought is useful.
There are endless analogies. The coconut tree is another one and so are black-holes. Except these are more difficult to understand. If it's true what physicists say, that there is some space curvature around the black-hole, then this curvature appears to me much like that of the fountain or the daisy. So at the center of said curvature, deep down, there would be a force that shapes the space around it into that linear clean x,y,z where newton laws smoothly apply. And that vertical tube-shape space of the black-hole can be compared to the daisy-stalk or that part of the fountain where water is being forced away from the center. And maybe it is the force at the deep-end of those black-holes scattered around in the universe that is responsible for keeping the universe linear-stable and viable for the creation of all the other stellar bodies. Actually, i could go further and say they may be the foundations or some kind of pillars, a kind of archways on top of which clean safe space rests in a linear grid.

Like in this image:

And astrophysicists also theorize about the existence of supermassive black-holes at the center of galaxies. This would make sense. Because in order to allow galaxies to play ball like they do, there should be a vast linear grid of space for them to do so. And only a very robust structure maintaining that surrounding space would sustain that. So supermassive blackholes are a bit like mega-structures or architectural crossbeams of the universe.

*edit 12 Dez

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simple minds: 70 cities as love brings the fall

He wants the world Screams everything Follows in love Love brings the fall She is a country Feel for life Follows in love Love brings the fall First tear forms in the right eye This is the eye that's crying first First tear forms in the right eye This is the eye that's crying first Going somewhere Getting someplace Going somewhere Follows in love Love brings the fall Going somewhere Getting someplace Going somewhere Follows in love Love brings the fall Going somewhere Getting someplace Going somewhere Follows in love Cities heavy Moving breathing Follows in love Love brings the fall The need to draw blood somehow Follows in love Love brings the fall Breath is in Breath is out I'm not seeing anything I see too much When the other side of midnight calls Remind me I'm glad to be here First tear forms in the right eye This is the eye that's crying first In seventy cities In seventy cities Oh no oh no oh no no no Here it comes Here it comes Here it comes

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noir désir: tostaky (all is here)

Nous survolons des villes Autoroutes en friche Diagonales perdues Et des droites au hasard Des femmes sans visage À l'atterissage Soyons désinvoltes N'ayons l'air de rien Para la queja mexica Este sueno de america Celebremos la aluna De siempre, ahorita Et les branleurs trainent Dans la rue Et ils envoient ça aux étoiles Perdues Encore combien à attendre Le fond du continent L'or du nouveau monde Pyramides jetables Hommes d'affaires impeccables Quand la pluie de sagesse Pourrit sur les trottoirs Notre mère la terre Étonne moi Para la queja mexica Celebremos la aluna Pendre les fantomes Cortez Et pourrir à l'ombre Cortez De l'Amérique vendue À des girophares crus Pour des nouveaux faisceaux Pour des nouveaux soleils Pour des nouveaux rayons Pour des nouveaux soleils Bien reçu Tous les messages Ils disent qu'ils ont compris Qu'il n'y a plus le choix Que l'esprit qui souffle Guidera leurs pas Qu'arrivent les derniers temps ou Nous pourrons parler Alors soyons désinvoltes N'ayons l'air de rien N'ayons l'air de rien N'ayons l'air de rien N'ayons l'air de rien

o periquito

Periquito garrido e garboso
cheio de gabarito
falas a língua dos pássaros
mas eu não te entendo,
tu, pássaro aguerrido.
Eras azul de céu e mar
no início,
antes de te fecharem
num cofre branco de aço revestido.
Ris-te de manhã, quando acordo
e troças do modo como me visto
se passo por ti e não te cumprimento
como previsto.
Mas eu não falo a língua das aves
ou do vento.
Ouço apenas o teu chilro nesse teu
peito pequenino cheio de ar,
querido periquito aguerrido.
E promete-me uma coisa, sim?
Que nunca deixes de ser o que és,
pássaro despertador:
garrido e garboso, falador
cheio de gabarito, apenas por princípio.

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some useful sites, relatively unknown. look 4 the green boxes.

Name Discipline(s) Description Access Cost Provider(s)
Academic Publications eJournal Multidisciplinary science (student based) Student driven research abstracts, posters, articles, science specific search engine, public forum Free APeJ search
Academic Reference and Research Index Multidisciplinary Academic search engine for college students including only web sites recommended by teachers, librarians, and library and educational consortia Free Dr. Michael Bell
Academic Search Multidisciplinary Several versions: Complete, Elite, Premier, and Alumni Edition Subscription EBSCO Publishing
Aerospace & High Technology Database Aerospace, Aeronautics, Astronautics
Subscription ProQuest
AJOL: African Journals OnLine Multidisciplinary Scholarly journals published in Africa Free abstracts; Subscription full-text African Journals OnLine
AgeLine Sociology, Gerontology Includes information on aging-related topics, including economics, public health and policy. Subscription EBSCO Publishing
AGRICOLA: Agricultural Online Access Agriculture
Free & Subscription Produced by the United States National Agricultural Library. Free access provided by NAL. Subscription access provided by Proquest, OVID.
AGRIS: Agricultural database Agriculture Covers agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, aquatic sciences and fisheries, human nutrition, extension literature from over 100 participating countries.
Material includes unique grey literature such as unpublished scientific and technical reports, theses, conference papers, government publications, and more.
Free Produced by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. http://agris.fao.org
Airiti Inc Multidisciplinary China, Taiwan. Subscription Airiti Inc
Analytical Abstracts Chemistry
Subscription Royal Society of Chemistry
Analytical sciences digital library Analytical sciences
Free National Science Digital Library and the Analytical Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society
Anthropological Index Online Anthropology Index only (no abstracts or full-text). Free Royal Anthropological Institute
Anthropological Literature Anthropology
Free to Harvard faculty, staff and students. Subscription for non-Harvard access. Maintained by Harvard University. Non-Harvard access provided by OCLC
Arachne Archaeology, Art history German language Free German Archaeological Institute & the University of Cologne, administered by Reinhard Foertsch
Arastirmax Multidisciplinary, Scientific Publication Index Reviewed Scientific Journals and articles Free Arastirmax.com
Arnetminer Computer Science Online service used to index and search academic social networks Free Tsinghua University
Arts & Humanities Citation Index Arts, Humanities Part of Web of Science Subscription Thomson Reuters
arXiv Physics, Mathematics, Computer science, Nonlinear sciences, Quantitative biology and Statistics
Free Cornell University
Association for Computing Machinery Digital Library Computer Science, Engineering
Subscription Association for Computing Machinery
Astrophysics Data System Astrophysics, Geophysics, Physics
Free Harvard University
ATLA Religion Database Religious studies Provides information on topics such as biblical studies, world religions, church history, and religion in social issues Subscription
AULIMP: Air University Library's Index to Military Periodicals Military Science
Free Air University
Autochtonia Multidisciplinary Database grouping more than 12.000 references about First Nations in Quebec, Canada and the rest of the world. Free Produced by Dialog, Réseau de recherche et de connaissances relatives aux peuples autochtones 
BASE: Bielefeld Academic Search Engine Multidisciplinary
Free Bielefeld University
Beilstein database Organic chemistry
Subscription Available from Elsevier under the product name Reaxys[
Biological Abstracts Biology A complete collection of bibliographic references covering life science and biomedical research literature published from more than 4,000 journals internationally. Subscription Available from Thomson Reuters
BioOne Biology, Ecology, and Environmental Science An aggregation of over 78,000 peer-reviewed, full-text articles on current research in Biodiversity Conservation, Biology, Ecology, Plant Sciences, Entomology, Ornithology, and Zoology. Free Abstract & References, Subscription Collections, and an Open Access Collection Available from BioOne
Bioinformatic Harvester Biology, Bioinformatics A meta search engine for 50 major bioinformatic databases and projects. Free Available from Liebel-Lab
KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Book Review Index Online Book reviews
Subscription Thomson Gale
Books In Print Books
Subscription R.R. Bowker
CAB Abstracts Applied Life Sciences Bibliographic information service providing access to applied life sciences literature. Subscription CABI
Chemical Abstracts Service Chemistry
Subscription American Chemical Society
ChemXSeer Chemistry
Free Pennsylvania State University
Chinese Social Science Citation Index Social sciences
Subscription Nanjing University
Cochrane Library Medicine, Healthcare Includes reviews of research to promote evidence-based healthcare. Subscription Wiley Interscience
CINAHL: Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Nursing, Allied Health
Subscription EBSCO
CHBD: Circumpolar Health Bibliographic Database Medicine
Free University of Calgary

*source: full table can be found @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Academic_databases_and_search_engines

**links to the databases were not working, the green ones are now, some red ones too.

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sense and meaning: edit

if it 'makes sense' (to me or not to me, doesn't matter) then it 'has meaning', so:


1. information and primordial time precede the material universe

1. information precedes time
2. time precedes energy
3. energy precedes space 
4. space precedes matter 

1. energy was the 1st physical manifestation in the universe
1.1 energy has 3 layers of information
2. space was the 2nd physical manifestation in the universe
2.1 space has 4 layers of information
3. matter was the 3rd physical manifestation in the universe
3.1 matter has 5 layers of information   


0. time is what 'governs' the universe
1. laws of cause-effect are ruled by time
2. time arrow isn't linear and rules causality
3. causality is non-linear

1. information by itself, is permanent and static
2. time always carries information
3. energy manifests in the shape of events
4. events spread information
5. events leave behind them permanent information pathways

1. All the universe is Information. 
2. It is up to our mind to decode it, and find meaning. 
3. the universe is like one big cryptic crossword, and the clues to its understanding are in Every little dirty beautiful corner of the soul of the world, under&above every tree, out&inside every flower, star, sound, shade, colour, feeling, sense, vision, smell, animal, spider, elephant, metal, tear, movement, dream, cycle, shape, word, light, night, egg, kitchen, fork. 

cf.: primordial time and the primal cause and cause-effect, time, energy, information.

terça-feira, 16 de outubro de 2012

primordial time and the primal cause: edit

 The First Cause or Prima Causa, i shall call it.
This is the Cause without priors, the one that keeps on generating itself and that generates everything.

I shall not, because i cannot, try to explain the essence of the primal cause. It is something far beyond my comprehension and understanding. I can only attempt to co-relate the information that lies inside it to the concept of time, and how they came to be.
Lets say that primal cause or the Prima Causa started by generating itself in an endless loop. The primal cause is a self contained closed system in a state of equilibrium and in constant flux. Like in this image (Img. A):


This a closed system and the only system that exists. It is a representation of the state before any event may have had any chance to happen. Everything here contained would eventually manifest in the known universe.

This C is the Prima Causa, the First Cause, the arrow that comes out of it and then goes again into it is the Time-Arrow. Note that in our 4D perception of time, often we see t=time represented in an xy-axis along the x-axis in the shape of an arrow always pointing in the same direction. In that arrow, a sequence of numbers (1, 2, 3, 4,…,n) represents moments in which unique events happen in well defined and separate moments distanced from each other. In the above scheme, Time-Arrow doesn't behave like that.
This circular arrow represents time in a primordial shape. Time at its  most 'embryonic' state. But like i said previously, time acts like a force, constantly exerting its power on whatever Cause it has access to, charging it with more and more 'energy' until it manifests into an event. Here, the Circular Arrow of Time is constantly charging the Primal Cause, the root of All the other possible Causes which will trigger an implacable sequence of events.

The closed system was in a loop equilibrium, it should have gone like that eternally. But this Root Cause, suddenly manifested and started generating, thus starting creation.

For the First Cause to start generating outside itself, some kind of imbalance, a differential or a trigger occurred inside the loop that allowed the energy potential within contained to spread and manifest into an effect, and thus starting the creation of everything.

For the principle of the Prima Causa to exist at all, we must only considered it outside the sequential 'normal' time-line since the First Cause is itself, the generating/creating principle of everything, including the temporal flow.

But what triggered the sudden free flow of time? Time is a pre-requisite for energy to manifest. And before time itself started to flow, it was self-contained inside the primal cause. The loop is infinite, keeping on charging the First Cause until the 'potential of energy' inside that closed system reached its limits. The release of energy could only happen outside the closed system, outside the loop. Could only express itself, somewhere else, outside the confinements of the loop.

In the following schemes i attempted to exemplify what has been said:

1. How time loads a Cause with energy. Time acts like a force exerting power on the Cause. The Orange cloud around the Cause is energy in potential form:


2. How an event happens when the cause-effect process occurs. The energy potential contained in Cause1 in the scheme above is released in the event through the information pathway that leads to Effect1. The information pathway is determined by the information contained inside the generating cause, in this case, Cause1, or C1.


3. Now, the following will pertain to the primal cause. Primordial Time is not exterior to the Cause, it co-exists with it. The First Cause contains in itself the Effect it will generate. There are no priors and no hierarchy whatsoever inside the First Cause. Only Information exists. This Information will determine all the possible 'futures' once the free flowing of time is set in motion. 
The loop of time charges the Primal Cause endlessly and while doing so, loads it with an infinite amount of energy. There is no way this energy can be self-contained permanently. And this is what happens:

Free flow of time started here.

Here happens the first manifestation of physical energy in the universe at time=0.

Cf.: cause-effect, time, energy, information

*edit: 19 Nov' 2012

quarta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2012

cause-effect, time, energy, information

The cause precipitates the effect, therefore the cause is the generator, the creator. The effect can become a generator if it precipitates other effects and so on, ad infinitum. One important concept here is the first cause, the Creator Cause without any prior ones, i will call it the Prima Causa, the Big Cause that keeps on generating itself and everything.

In causality there is always an imbalance. Cause-Creator and Effect-Creation can never be put on the same level. More power is always given to the Cause due to it's generating capabilities. An effect can never generate its own cause. The cause has always a higher energy potential than the effect. I say 'energy potential' because the energy in the Cause only manifests when the process is occurring. When the process occurs, we have the Event.

Another thing about the relationship between these two is that, in the process of generating, the cause delivers information to the effect that it creates. So a particular effect carries inside information from the cause that generated it. This information is an intrinsic part of the cause, something very close to its essence.

Scheme 1:

Symbols used: C= Cause; E= Effect; 1, 2, 3, 4 = time sequence

Times charges C1 until it generates E1.

Time charges E1 until it becomes C2 which eventually will generate C3 then C4 and so on.

Scheme 2:

This analogy shows the C-E pair imbalance, and the arrow pointing down to E denotes the less energy potential of it. There is no way of E to generate C because E has always a lower energy potential comparing to its generating C. One can also say E has a lower generating potential comparing to its corresponding C.

All this makes sense, but only if we consider the time-line sequence of events.

By taking away the temporal sequence of time, cause and effect become related in totally different ways. They still happen, but their relationship is altered. Time is what charges C with more energy potential, and only time. Time is like energy constantly exerting its force on C. The C thus gains enough potential energy to turn into effect. An event happens when that occurs and the potential energy contained in C is released. When that happens an event occurs.

But by removing time sequence, both cause and effect are put on the same potential energy level and they exist at the same time, meaning the imbalance in their relationship is gone and meaning they now have the same energy potential to generate, but the connection between the two is kept and it is still unbroken.

C= Cause

E= Effect

C1 can generate E1

E1 can generate C1
now it becomes a two way street.

The potential to generate exists in both ways, but it will not manifest in any event with energy release, because, by removing that imbalance, we are removing the differential of energy between C and E, and the Cause-Effect process cannot happen without an imbalance that serves as trigger for energy to be released. C is as charged as E and they are in equilibrium.

Also, as in normal time-line in which Cause1 eventually leads to Effect4 and so on, one can reverse the process and go not only from one event back to its cause, but maybe to any random cause back in time, once we understand the type of information pathway that connects certain Event4 to Cause1 outside the temporal frame.

By removing time either we make the event permanent or absent. But if the information is a part intrinsic to the cause, then i think that events do happen outside sequenced time, but only in potential form. They lack the energy to manifest.


-As sequential time passes, C is charged with more and more energy, therefore causing the imbalance that acts as a trigger in the relationship of Cause-Effect.
-Sequential time-line is responsible for C having a higher energy potential that will eventually manifest in an event.
-By removing temporal sequence, we remove that imbalance and energy differential present in C-E, but we also remove the generating/creating ability.
- Also, C-E process leaves pathways of information through which is possible to trace an event to a primal cause far away in time. But by removing time-line sequence, the information in that pair co-exists in a permanent state.
-Outside sequential time, the information is still available, but energy cannot manifest, events can exist without a temporal sequence, but only in a permanent potential state.

domingo, 7 de outubro de 2012

O Agente Laranja

O Agente Laranja acordou de manhã
como era preceito da lei.
Tomou o pequeno-almoço com alguma indiferença.
Uma tigela de flocos de aveia e água a ferver.
Lá fora imperava o estado de guerra.
Via campos imensos de pó e cinzas
de uma qualquer revolução desinteressante.
O dever impunha-se a qualquer devaneio da vontade
e os sonhos de infância desse misterioso Agente Laranja
haviam-lhe sido arrancados a fórceps de ferro
enquanto dormia, disciplinado.
Vestia-se, de cor-de-laranja, como sabia que devia,
e assim se passeava por entre atalhos de fogo, camuflado.
Nunca ninguém o via, esse tal de Agente Laranja.
Mas nesse dia, antes de sair, despediu-se de si próprio
e cantando, enfiou os dois revólveres cada um em seu coldre,
depois de neles marcar o nome de cada têmpora:
primeiro o da direita e depois o da esquerda.

*E com isto, quero dizer: as ideologias que se matem.

sábado, 6 de outubro de 2012

blah, blah, brain struck

brain struck,
a dangerous move it made.

There are the mechanics of space and time and there are the mechanics of thought. These 2 are intertwined. The 'normal' or 'common sense' mechanics of space/time are newtonian mechanics and they operate within the time frame of causality, or time dimension. That also means they are sequenced and ordered in time, and can (after laws established)  predict events.

Humans live in 3D plus t=time (overall 4D) so of course this operating system of thought makes sense. Temporal, cause/effect rational thought fits in nicely within the 4 Dimension world because our humans only have immediate access to these dimensions, and because of that, all those theoretical clockworks of rational thought offer very practical results. Also, these allow what currently is called 'progress'.

 In order for people to function properly on a daily basis, they must have their thought mechanics, to a certain degree, synchronized with those of their surroundings — them being space and time, same to everyone. There should be a certain degree of harmony too, i believe. What happens sometimes is that the thought process anti-chronizes with the sequential temporal line of events that is presented to us in 4D. This is not a bad thing in itself. It allows a tremendous amount of freedom in the mind and is propitious to creative thinking. But a human can only tolerate it for so long. After all, we are stuck in space and time, and from a young age we were taught to live within those parameters. But after a long period on anti-chronization, a person literally loses the sense of real because it is like living on a different time-line.

Science and practically every field of study there is, currently discards these thoughts as irrational bullshit instead of trying to find meaning in them (because there is always meaning in everything). And everything has such a reductionist - proper word being atomistic - view of everything. You have a problem, you go one scale below to solve said problem. Example: person is always nervous, medic knows that three or four scales below, at the molecule level there is an imbalance. So lets balance the imbalance with chemicals. That's how most things are fixed nowadays. Fixing the body, fixing a country, fixing the planet, etc. The way forward is not by going back, infinitely back. That's absurd!

I think one must not think in terms of scales, of going infinitely back every time a problem appears. I think one must find a universal pattern, or global one, at least. Two seemingly unrelated events can even be the same event. And i think that's where quantum physics may play an important role. I'm guessing it must have something to do with the shape of the spiral and symmetry, but don't ask me why because i don't know how to answer. Why? Because this thought comes not from any rational process, i find no causality for it. Another explanation is that this particular thought was processed outside the time frame sequence and in word-language no meaning can be conveyed to thoughts processed outside the time-frame — the exception goes out to symbols, that's why they can have so much power. Symbols have the characteristic of being permanent because of its immanence, they exist in the collective unconsciousness. The other thing is consciousness, how can science explain it in its current terms? Consciousness doesn't manifest in 4D.  Now i'm upset.

*edited 4 hours later because it was confusing.

terça-feira, 2 de outubro de 2012

desert children

come with us. we are the last, desert children with no past.
time doesn't weigh heavily upon us. we are joy, we are souls painted gold, purple, white and blue
. the dark clouds of time will never again hang over you. so i danced away with them, singing songs of worlds before time, beginning or end. thousands of millions of flowers and children crossing the red desert sand.

domingo, 30 de setembro de 2012

time in 4 walls

he just turned 25 to life, an accessory knife to the crime. young boy cries in the howl bowl in the corner, four walls pressing his chest. young boy turns tables in order to rest. groovy mate stands there watching, keeping his score going right. young bro can't keep still, all the boy wants is his pill. groovy mate thinks he stands nothing to gain, when turning 25 to life, precious time wasted is a crime.

terça-feira, 25 de setembro de 2012

don't come easy

Sleep doesn't come easily every night, but when it comes, all is safe, glowing, dream and wind. Emotions aren't all of the same kind. There are motions, rotations and revolutions. I do try to wish a good morning to a passerby or thank the rising sun every once in awhile — ungrateful bastards! Relax and walk across the room, have a glass of water and take it easy.
Sometimes everything is safe, glowing, dream and wind. Sometimes it is not. I do allow some time, step back and let myself redeem, though.

quarta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2012

eye shape thing

look at those rounded shapes,
they are frightening!

there are big eyes looking at me.
my friend said that the delirious path to heaven

was born out of devotion and fear.

and that is what your eyes think.
I called you the shepherd friend.

Hollow shapes of halos and visions
took me away from the spinning unreasonable reason.
while my wild iris was hurting me!

my friend said you chose me and that those were
the colours and shapes of my dreams.

Do take a little breath, and sink into the unknown with me,

hands in pain and eyes in sand, perhaps.

segunda-feira, 30 de julho de 2012

satyricon: dawn of a new age

"And I looked, and behold a pale horse And his name that sat on him was death And Hell followed him, and power was given Unto them over the fourth part of the world To kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death And with the beasts of the Earth." And then again "I saw and beheld, a black horse, And he that sat on him had a scythe, and a crown Was given unto him and he went forth conquering, and to conquer And there was a great earthquake, and the sun became black A sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood And the stars of heaven fell unto the Earth Even as a fig tree castes her untimely figs When she is shaken of a mighty wind, and the heavens Departed as a scroll when it is rolled together And every mountain and island were moved out of their places." Almighty mountains and rocks, I beg you fall on them For the great day of wrath is coming, And who shall be able to stand?

terça-feira, 10 de julho de 2012

a vida louca

Ela vivia num sítio em Lisboa a cair aos bocados, junto ao rio
Onde se passeavam barquitos à toa e marinheiros estrangeiros.
Fora top-model em Nova Iorque e vivia num loft com um sujeito
Que tinha herdado uma fortuna mas que raramente tomava banho.
Era alto o rapaz, aristocrata de sangue puro, de cabelo loiro escuro,
O dela cheio de caracóis, cor de café torrado, dos avós de África herdado.
Foram glamorosos, ele e ela, juntos eram uma sensação
Nas festas loucas de Londres, L.A. e Amsterdão.
Bebiam champanhe francês na companhia de artistas,
Apareciam sempre a sorrir nas fotos das revistas
Enquanto dançavam os rapazes selvagens de Duran Duran.
Eram vistos nas passerelles de Milão, cartazes publicitários e painéis:
Um metro e oitenta e cinco, oitenta sessenta oitenta e seis.
Faziam um vídeoclip da vida como estrelas de rock and roll.
Mas virou a década, uma overdose bastou e ele morreu
E ela sem dinheiro e ninguém, da tristeza adoeceu.
Apanhou um avião para Lisboa onde um homem a acolheu.
Limpava escadas para quatro patroas de madrugada,
As lágrimas escorriam-lhe na face quando se lembrava
Daquele modo cinemático de viver.

quarta-feira, 20 de junho de 2012

segunda-feira, 4 de junho de 2012

as horas que são

Não se pode saber ao certo, de noite, que horas são.
Ele presta serviços incertos nas horas vagas a troco de nada,
em casas subterrâneas forradas a veludo vermelho e cetim.
Apaga os incêndios escondidos em cada um, 
Uma caixa de música toca aquilo que ouvia na infância
enquanto uma bailarina de porcelana sem pernas dança,
A servidão de alguém com bom coração vende cigarros e álcool
e submete-se à noite da gasolina com um fósforo aceso em cada mão.
Ele caminha o triste caminho até chegar à casa vermelha
mas não sabe que horas são nem quando chega lá.
Talvez o tempo de um cigarro ou dois, de três copos ou quatro,
ou de um fósforo.
Mas um estranho aneurisma que nele se instala
e que não se revela a princípio como bomba-relógio,
bate com o coração cronometrado e dita o tempo que falta
até que os fumos da gasolina nele se evaporem
e a explosão se adie com o gesto de um cigarro e de um fósforo,
e incendeie, por fim, com a ela, a morada da sua prisão.

segunda-feira, 30 de abril de 2012

o piano

Que direito tens tu, ó artista ou mestre
de batuta mágica,
de atirares um piano, assim,
para a noite dos assassinos?
Piano vagueia perdido ao relento
doce e pesaroso de andamento
e chora alegres majestosos
em noites tímidas de lua cheia.

A rapariga compadece-se,
mais ninguém.
Estende-lhe a mão,
e a música que dela virá
não soará mais à violência
do grito solene e estridente,
ou da brusquidão tirana e demente
do artista ou mestre.

A rapariga e o piano
são melodia de pássaros
que fazem um ninho
e que ganham asas
na mais funda e dilacerante
ferida da humanidade
no meio sujo da cidade,
esgoto profundo e escondido
onde as almas tristes habitam
alegres, mas não muito.

terça-feira, 10 de abril de 2012

cobertor do medo

enrolei o segredo
em volta do dedo
como se fosse um novelo
e fiz um cobertor.

com o peso de um pesadelo
adormeci cedo
debaixo do segredo
feito de lã quente e de gelo.

e não sonho mais o pesadelo
porque agora desfio o novelo
com o dedo

e porque debaixo do cobertor
está um computador que não brinca
com o medo.

sábado, 18 de fevereiro de 2012

a matemática do bem maior

O Generalíssimo entrou triunfante pela porta adentro. Ansioso, esperava ver a nova decoração do seu gabinete. O Tenente-Coronel esperava-o, confortavelmente sentado no cadeirão do Generalíssimo, atrás da imperial e faustosa nova secretária de mogno com tampo de mármore e de pernas esguias que faziam lembrar as colunas do Olimpo. Este, pasmado com o atrevimento, abriu demasiado o olho caindo-lhe assim o monóculo que ficou estupidamente a balançar da corrente dourada e reluzente que o prendia da bolsinha da farda militar cor de azeitona que vestia impreterivelmente todos os dias, impecavelmente engomada sem quaisquer vincos.
O Tenente-Coronel esboçou um sorriso familiar, suas mãos repousavam calmamente nos braços do cadeirão do Generalíssimo, ao mesmo tempo que o enxergava com uma displicência curiosa, quase infantil.
Mas o Generalíssimo não via nada para além de ser um outro qualquer a ocupar-lhe o lugar e, para ele, o semblante do Tenente-Coronel era igual ao dele de todos os dias, o de seu braço-direito, leal e conformado com as suas extravagâncias e exigências. O Generalíssimo deu um passo atrás – o primeiro em toda a sua vida, pensou aterrado. E o Tenente-Coronel por fim ergueu-se e sempre impávido, desejou-lhe os bons dias e saiu do gabinete num passo estacado muito próprio da sua pessoa. Naqueles segundos acabara de fazer as contas da matemática de uma revolução: as incógnitas, naquela situação em particular, revelavam-se maiores que as variáveis, implicando — do ponto de vista estratégico ou teórico — a ausência de um plano táctico que na prática auferisse resultados desejáveis. O bem maior ficaria comprometido. A matemática não andava longe da ética, pensava ele, enquanto olhava para o relógio de pulso, admirando o rigor do ponteiro dos segundos.

quarta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2012


cuts the skin,
tears away your heart
and gives it back to you.
You take it, you need it,
and you have to say thank you.

The hunting knife that
opens the wound of another day.

Another time.

Another life. 

— Shhh... they'll wake up!
A scream at the distance.

Muddy footprints.

A red-blood cherry lost in the way.

terça-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2012

The Stupid Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

Proponents of the bill say it protects the intellectual property market and corresponding industry, jobs and revenue, and is necessary to bolster enforcement of copyright laws, especially against foreign websites. They cite examples such as Google's $500 million settlement with the Department of Justice for its role in a scheme to target U.S. consumers with ads to illegally import prescription drugs from Canadian pharmacies.
Opponents say that it violates the First Amendment, is Internet censorship, will cripple the Internet, and will threaten whistle-blowing and other free speech actions. Opponents have initiated a number of protest actions, including petition drives, boycotts of companies that support the legislation, and planned service blackouts by major Internet companies scheduled to coincide with the next Congressional hearing on the matter.

Today, the Wikipedia community announced its decision to black out the English-language Wikipedia for 24 hours, worldwide, beginning at 05:00 UTC on Wednesday, January 18 (you can read the statement from the Wikimedia Foundation here). The blackout is a protest against proposed legislation in the United States—the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) in the U.S. House of Representatives, and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) in the U.S. Senate—that, if passed, would seriously damage the free and open Internet, including Wikipedia.

How SOPA would affect you: FAQ

Stop American Censorship
Congress is about to pass internet censorship, even though the vast majority of Americans are opposed. We need to kill the bill - PIPA in the Senate and SOPA in the House - to protect our rights to free speech, privacy, and prosperity.

Wikipedia Link:

Wikipedia English blacks out today:

sábado, 14 de janeiro de 2012

chuva triste

Chuva triste, por quem choras?
Não sei por quem choras tu.
Tu, quem quer que sejas,
que estás triste,
deves dar-te por feliz,
pois tens o céu
a inundar as ruas por ti.
Tens pessoas
a abrirem guarda-chuvas por ti,
a meterem-se dentro de carros por ti,
a meterem conversa
nas paragens dos autocarros por ti,
a tomarem decisões por ti.
Por ti, tens um mundo inteiro
que se aflige quando tu te afliges
e um céu que chora contigo.
Quem quer tu que sejas. Dá-te por feliz.

A Vontade de Jaquelino Bragão Travassos (extracto diário)

Quero paz e quero que me deixem em paz. Não quero doutores de bata branca, nem pessoas, nem hospitais, nem gente atrás de mim. Quero estar sozinho no mundo, eu e a minha miséria e a minha auto-comiseração. Não quero mais remédios, placebos ou panaceias para a dor. Quero deixar-me explodir em modo natural. Quero fugir a isto tudo que parece uma prisão e não é. Quero rebentar com as sinapses. Quero não ver pessoas à minha frente. Quero ser reduzido à minha insignificância. Quero não ser julgado pelo que sou ou não sou. Quero ser simplesmente por aí. Quero existir e deixar a minha existência tomar o seu livre curso. Estou farto desta vida, de ter de querer aquilo que não tenho e de sentir o tédio dos dias na inércia dos olhares à minha volta. Quando é que isto tudo começou a tornar-se tão errado? Em que altura? Como é que tudo se tornou apenas nisto? Como? Como deixei chegar a este ponto? É um vazio tão grande! Já tive a minha vida tão cheia de planos e agora sinto-me um peão do tempo e das circunstâncias. Em tempos, lembro-me, fui agente do meu destino, voz activa e imperativa no campo de batalha que é a vida, herói da minha epopeia. Perdi-me nos meandros dos seus versos.

Nota: Extracto do diário do poeta/escritor Jaquelino B. Travassos do dia 14 de Abril de 1957. Consta que foi uma altura particularmente difícil da sua vida.