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indochine: kao bang

La petite fille est une guerrière Elle joue à ce qu'il faut pas faire Contre les dragons, elle frappe les yeux fermés Avec son sabre attaque les cavaliers Sur un cheval en Mandchourie C'est dans la plaine qu'elle y sévit Le baron fou est un tyran Il pille, il tue les paysans Et ses bandits ont volé l'or du Sin Kiang Elle décida d'y mettre K.O. Chaos Bang La guerre fit rage jusqu'au matin La ville tomba entre leurs mains Kao Kao Bang Et dans le ciel elle est si belle Quand elle sourit sous le soleil Avec son sabre défendra son village Et les dragons les mettra dans une cage La petite fille est une guerrière Elle joue à ce qu'il faut pas faire Kao Kao Bang Et dans le ciel elle est si belle Quand elle sourit sous le soleil Avec son sabre défendra son village Et les dragons les mettra dans une cage La petite fille est une guerrière Elle joue à ce qu'il faut pas faire Kao Kao Bang...

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time analogy as a spiral

1. The I at the center stands for Information.

2. The Center of the spiral is where the Primal Cause would stand.

3. Green lines coming from the center of the spiral are Information Part-ways (i just put some randomly, they are the 'arms' of the spiral), but i think that their number can be determined. In this example i put eight of them. 

4. Information Part-ways become Information Pathways.

5.  Cw, Cx, Cetc show how causality can be non-linear outside the frame of sequential time.

I tried to portray time as a Spiral because i think it is truer to its nature. If i could make it in a 3D drawing i would probably draw some egg-shape thing.

In our 4D reality, a linear arrow of time is fine, it suits us very well and it doesn't pose any real troublesome kind of problem. But as we shift to slightly different more complex scales such as the universe or our consciousness, then we start to face more and more inconsistencies, more and more question marks, up until things just stop making any sense. And no matter from how many angles we try to look at the problem, there is always something that seems or feels odd and not quite right. 

Back to the image above: the line that connects the Past and the Future is the same, there are no disruptions. But the future and the past are thus connected in a different way than that which we are usually accustomed to or perceive. The relationship between two Events (or the answer to the 'why now and why here?' question), can be found sometimes, very far away in Time, either in the Future or in the Past. 

I make no reference to Space.
That is because i think Space is the where physical/material things exist. It is the vehicle for Energy to travel and the arena where Events manifest themselves. Time is where the immaterial and the 'hidden' travel, the laws that govern what happens in Space are imprinted in Time. 
I can also say that space is where the Existence is, and Time is where the Essence is.

cf.: sense and meaning, primordial time and the primal cause and cause-effect, time, energy, information

domingo, 25 de novembro de 2012

causes, related events: shapes: flowers, fountains & blackholes (changed to)

Basically what i have been saying is that everything sprung from the same Root or Primal Cause, that First Cause that preceded the material universe. And like the leaves of the a tree all share a relatively common Cx, so all the stars, all the atoms and all the living beings share a relatively common Cw, Cy and Cz respectively. 

That is, the cause behind a random leaf and the information that shaped it into what it is with all its properties, is similar to the cause and information that shaped all the other leaves that exist. Thus, we humans were able to form the concept of 'leaf'.

In the same fashion, we can say the same about the stars or atoms. Stars or atoms sprung from two different causes with their different corresponding information. This information shaped them into what they are, 'gave' them their essence. And thus, we humans we able to form their concepts. These concepts carry part of their information, and this information stemmed from a cause far away in sequential time. By going back on the cause-effect chain, we arrive at the first Primal Cause. The mother of all we perceive to exist in the universe.

When the cause-effect process occurs, an information pathway is established. This information pathway is fixed momentarily in the event. Events are the physical manifestation of the causal process. They are of a temporary nature. No event in the universe is permanent because time will eventually exert its 'force' on it, and turn it into something else. Events are like causes made manifest in the material universe. An epiphenomena of the causal process, but very useful because they give us clues to what's going on 'behind the curtain'.

Example 1:

An oak seed falls on fertile soil. The seed has inside it all the information that will eventually manifest as an oak. Here, the seed is the cause, it is hidden beneath the earth.
In this example, the effect — what the cause strives to be — is the full grown oak, the seed in its its full completion. The cause of the seed forces the development of the oak and the information in the seed gives it its shape and its properties.
In the process of becoming, the oak develops. First a little plant, then it grows stronger, strengthens its wood, its branches and if there are no impediments to its growth, it will 'fulfill' its cause and manifest all the information that seed-cause carried inside.

But i must make a distinction between the star, the oak tree, an object like a clock hanging on the wall and we, the humans. We have the faculty of the will coupled with that of the conscience of the self. And that changes a lot of stuff. We stem from a common cause, like everything else, but we are much more, our cause is a generating one, it's a creator cause, free form the determined fate of the oak seed when planted. The oak seed can never grow into a palm tree. And here is the big difference. 

Example 2:  

2.1 The Daisy and the Garden Fountain. These two apparently have nothing in common. Their causes, or what makes them what they are, appear to come from two completely different sources. A daisy is a flower. The garden fountain is a static-dynamic structure made of water. But looking at their shape, we can see similarities. They both spring from a surface into a vertical line the exact same way up until a point where they both open up, to give way to a circle-shape. Looking from above to a daisy or a fountain, we a circle with a center. The center of the daisy is where the seeds are. The daisy-seed is what gives the daisy-plant its shape. The center of the garden fountain is where the force that gives it its shape is most obvious. That pull that forces the water to come up.  So, C-flower and C-fountain most certainly have a C-f common to both with the exact same information.

2.2  Black-holes

This type of thought is useful.
There are endless analogies. The coconut tree is another one and so are black-holes. Except these are more difficult to understand. If it's true what physicists say, that there is some space curvature around the black-hole, then this curvature appears to me much like that of the fountain or the daisy. So at the center of said curvature, deep down, there would be a force that shapes the space around it into that linear clean x,y,z where newton laws smoothly apply. And that vertical tube-shape space of the black-hole can be compared to the daisy-stalk or that part of the fountain where water is being forced away from the center. And maybe it is the force at the deep-end of those black-holes scattered around in the universe that is responsible for keeping the universe linear-stable and viable for the creation of all the other stellar bodies. Actually, i could go further and say they may be the foundations or some kind of pillars, a kind of archways on top of which clean safe space rests in a linear grid.

Like in this image:

And astrophysicists also theorize about the existence of supermassive black-holes at the center of galaxies. This would make sense. Because in order to allow galaxies to play ball like they do, there should be a vast linear grid of space for them to do so. And only a very robust structure maintaining that surrounding space would sustain that. So supermassive blackholes are a bit like mega-structures or architectural crossbeams of the universe.

*edit 12 Dez

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simple minds: 70 cities as love brings the fall

He wants the world Screams everything Follows in love Love brings the fall She is a country Feel for life Follows in love Love brings the fall First tear forms in the right eye This is the eye that's crying first First tear forms in the right eye This is the eye that's crying first Going somewhere Getting someplace Going somewhere Follows in love Love brings the fall Going somewhere Getting someplace Going somewhere Follows in love Love brings the fall Going somewhere Getting someplace Going somewhere Follows in love Cities heavy Moving breathing Follows in love Love brings the fall The need to draw blood somehow Follows in love Love brings the fall Breath is in Breath is out I'm not seeing anything I see too much When the other side of midnight calls Remind me I'm glad to be here First tear forms in the right eye This is the eye that's crying first In seventy cities In seventy cities Oh no oh no oh no no no Here it comes Here it comes Here it comes

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noir désir: tostaky (all is here)

Nous survolons des villes Autoroutes en friche Diagonales perdues Et des droites au hasard Des femmes sans visage À l'atterissage Soyons désinvoltes N'ayons l'air de rien Para la queja mexica Este sueno de america Celebremos la aluna De siempre, ahorita Et les branleurs trainent Dans la rue Et ils envoient ça aux étoiles Perdues Encore combien à attendre Le fond du continent L'or du nouveau monde Pyramides jetables Hommes d'affaires impeccables Quand la pluie de sagesse Pourrit sur les trottoirs Notre mère la terre Étonne moi Para la queja mexica Celebremos la aluna Pendre les fantomes Cortez Et pourrir à l'ombre Cortez De l'Amérique vendue À des girophares crus Pour des nouveaux faisceaux Pour des nouveaux soleils Pour des nouveaux rayons Pour des nouveaux soleils Bien reçu Tous les messages Ils disent qu'ils ont compris Qu'il n'y a plus le choix Que l'esprit qui souffle Guidera leurs pas Qu'arrivent les derniers temps ou Nous pourrons parler Alors soyons désinvoltes N'ayons l'air de rien N'ayons l'air de rien N'ayons l'air de rien N'ayons l'air de rien

o periquito

Periquito garrido e garboso
cheio de gabarito
falas a língua dos pássaros
mas eu não te entendo,
tu, pássaro aguerrido.
Eras azul de céu e mar
no início,
antes de te fecharem
num cofre branco de aço revestido.
Ris-te de manhã, quando acordo
e troças do modo como me visto
se passo por ti e não te cumprimento
como previsto.
Mas eu não falo a língua das aves
ou do vento.
Ouço apenas o teu chilro nesse teu
peito pequenino cheio de ar,
querido periquito aguerrido.
E promete-me uma coisa, sim?
Que nunca deixes de ser o que és,
pássaro despertador:
garrido e garboso, falador
cheio de gabarito, apenas por princípio.

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some useful sites, relatively unknown. look 4 the green boxes.

Name Discipline(s) Description Access Cost Provider(s)
Academic Publications eJournal Multidisciplinary science (student based) Student driven research abstracts, posters, articles, science specific search engine, public forum Free APeJ search
Academic Reference and Research Index Multidisciplinary Academic search engine for college students including only web sites recommended by teachers, librarians, and library and educational consortia Free Dr. Michael Bell
Academic Search Multidisciplinary Several versions: Complete, Elite, Premier, and Alumni Edition Subscription EBSCO Publishing
Aerospace & High Technology Database Aerospace, Aeronautics, Astronautics
Subscription ProQuest
AJOL: African Journals OnLine Multidisciplinary Scholarly journals published in Africa Free abstracts; Subscription full-text African Journals OnLine
AgeLine Sociology, Gerontology Includes information on aging-related topics, including economics, public health and policy. Subscription EBSCO Publishing
AGRICOLA: Agricultural Online Access Agriculture
Free & Subscription Produced by the United States National Agricultural Library. Free access provided by NAL. Subscription access provided by Proquest, OVID.
AGRIS: Agricultural database Agriculture Covers agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, aquatic sciences and fisheries, human nutrition, extension literature from over 100 participating countries.
Material includes unique grey literature such as unpublished scientific and technical reports, theses, conference papers, government publications, and more.
Free Produced by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. http://agris.fao.org
Airiti Inc Multidisciplinary China, Taiwan. Subscription Airiti Inc
Analytical Abstracts Chemistry
Subscription Royal Society of Chemistry
Analytical sciences digital library Analytical sciences
Free National Science Digital Library and the Analytical Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society
Anthropological Index Online Anthropology Index only (no abstracts or full-text). Free Royal Anthropological Institute
Anthropological Literature Anthropology
Free to Harvard faculty, staff and students. Subscription for non-Harvard access. Maintained by Harvard University. Non-Harvard access provided by OCLC
Arachne Archaeology, Art history German language Free German Archaeological Institute & the University of Cologne, administered by Reinhard Foertsch
Arastirmax Multidisciplinary, Scientific Publication Index Reviewed Scientific Journals and articles Free Arastirmax.com
Arnetminer Computer Science Online service used to index and search academic social networks Free Tsinghua University
Arts & Humanities Citation Index Arts, Humanities Part of Web of Science Subscription Thomson Reuters
arXiv Physics, Mathematics, Computer science, Nonlinear sciences, Quantitative biology and Statistics
Free Cornell University
Association for Computing Machinery Digital Library Computer Science, Engineering
Subscription Association for Computing Machinery
Astrophysics Data System Astrophysics, Geophysics, Physics
Free Harvard University
ATLA Religion Database Religious studies Provides information on topics such as biblical studies, world religions, church history, and religion in social issues Subscription
AULIMP: Air University Library's Index to Military Periodicals Military Science
Free Air University
Autochtonia Multidisciplinary Database grouping more than 12.000 references about First Nations in Quebec, Canada and the rest of the world. Free Produced by Dialog, Réseau de recherche et de connaissances relatives aux peuples autochtones 
BASE: Bielefeld Academic Search Engine Multidisciplinary
Free Bielefeld University
Beilstein database Organic chemistry
Subscription Available from Elsevier under the product name Reaxys[
Biological Abstracts Biology A complete collection of bibliographic references covering life science and biomedical research literature published from more than 4,000 journals internationally. Subscription Available from Thomson Reuters
BioOne Biology, Ecology, and Environmental Science An aggregation of over 78,000 peer-reviewed, full-text articles on current research in Biodiversity Conservation, Biology, Ecology, Plant Sciences, Entomology, Ornithology, and Zoology. Free Abstract & References, Subscription Collections, and an Open Access Collection Available from BioOne
Bioinformatic Harvester Biology, Bioinformatics A meta search engine for 50 major bioinformatic databases and projects. Free Available from Liebel-Lab
KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Book Review Index Online Book reviews
Subscription Thomson Gale
Books In Print Books
Subscription R.R. Bowker
CAB Abstracts Applied Life Sciences Bibliographic information service providing access to applied life sciences literature. Subscription CABI
Chemical Abstracts Service Chemistry
Subscription American Chemical Society
ChemXSeer Chemistry
Free Pennsylvania State University
Chinese Social Science Citation Index Social sciences
Subscription Nanjing University
Cochrane Library Medicine, Healthcare Includes reviews of research to promote evidence-based healthcare. Subscription Wiley Interscience
CINAHL: Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Nursing, Allied Health
Subscription EBSCO
CHBD: Circumpolar Health Bibliographic Database Medicine
Free University of Calgary

*source: full table can be found @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Academic_databases_and_search_engines

**links to the databases were not working, the green ones are now, some red ones too.