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fields of the nephilim: chord of souls

the preacher says to all his men I hear a godly laughter can it be the end well I'm on fire when he's so cold I hear a godly laughter let it be the end let it be the end you won't need no conscience let's skip this world I hate your gods people who breed on earth over to the other side I'm caught stepping out come over to the other side save your brothers now let it be the end eyes eyes eyes eyes honest men these worthy men in all my dreams I hear a godly laughter unleash your souls the faceless knows when I'm disclosed it's not your god I'm after let it be the end let it be the end let it be the end believers chord of souls let it be the end let it be the end let it be the end between us chord of souls eyes eyes eyes eyes and I hate your country and I hate your world I hate your Gods people who breed on earth over to the other side I'm caught stepping out over to the other side I'm gonna recreate a religious experience to tear my fucking heart out the end believers let it be the end the end between us lord of souls the end believers let it be the end let it be the end between us chord of souls let it end let it end let it end eyes eyes eyes eyes no

i'm in debt to this band since 4ever.

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The Sequence

I think Time is very much like movement, directed motion, and transference. And then you get numbers, and you count them: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…. until the infinite. That is very much like our perception of Time.

And then you have Mathematics. And it tries to establish laws between numbers or sets of given numbers — like geometry. And we usually use Numbers to count. And we can count whatever we see, we add and subtract and make incredible discoveries about numbers: if a certain sequence is random or not, if there is some hidden pattern or not between given number Y, number X-n+Y ^3 and the Width of a Circle. Well you can have something that in the beginning had a simple purpose (count things) and then build a fantastic castle made of equations, super-calculus, matrixes and n-dimensional manifolds or whatever they call it. But then Math doesn't really bother to match what it is saying to what is 'real'. That is more the works of physics. Example: we know what Pi stands for, it's easy. But then you start getting negative numbers or imaginary numbers. It complicates a bit. What do they stand for is the question to ask.

But i think there can be a different way to look at numbers, and it's like perceiving them as movement, as a directed motion and as transference. So each one of them is but a single 'moment'. Like a constant flow from Zero to Infinite. It starts, but then it has no end. Well, we think it has no end. The infinite looks like it doesn't stop. But then our brains are limited, so we just assume that, that's the meaning of the word. And regarding something that transcends our mind we can only assume. But i have the liberty to assume the opposite, that the infinite does stop in a certain way — and here i'm using the 'stop' word purposely. Not saying that it ends.
Back to numbers and movement. It's like a process of transference: from 0 to 1 to 2 to 3 to infinite. And then if it can be seen as movement, motion and transfer, then it can be seen as an analogy for the Beginning and the End: the path from Zero to the Infinite-number would be the path from the Big First Nothing called Zero to that Endless coming that is the Infinite.

This leads us to the 'moment' before anything happened. The Zero Moment. And this 1st Beginning of All can only start with Zero or the Big Nothing.
Here i will say what i think about numbers and movement and what they stand for:

A. Zero to me is Chaos. But it is also something like Love. Something that prevails over and in everything.
Zero always represents the absence, the nothing, the void. But the 'absence' is just the negative of a 'presence' and the 'nothing' is the negative of a 'fullness'. It's like saying the Zero/Absence/Void/Nothing is the Dark when all the rest that exists is the Light. But if we look closer, in the Dark there can be something, always hidden from view, but it is there. And just because our brains cannot see in that kind of Dark, doesn't mean there aren't things there. And basically what i'm saying is that there cannot be a Void, there cannot be a Nothing. Only an absence of a Formal Order capable of being understood by our brain. So Zero/Void is basically the absence of that Order that our brains so desperately seek. And we seek that Order basically to give meaning to life. It has always been like that. Some higher plane where our existence is justified. But it is difficult when we only 'happen' inside and within this Order. Call it reality, call it existence, call it atoms and molecules, call it bodies of flesh or daily life. But there is that Other Order that doesn't conform to any rule, to any law, and that name is Chaos. It has no pointer, it points to nowhere, it points to everywhere and it points to itself and to each single thing in the universe, seen and not seen, imagined or not.
So this is Zero, and then comes One.

B. And then One is like unprocessed Information or raw-data, the tape on which all the events of the Universe will be printed. Past, present, future — it doesn't matter. It's like a blank cassette tape. And it is coiled on the A-side, waiting for the Play button to start. It will register everything as it moves to the B-side. It's the only thing that can come after Chaos. Chaos is like 'order by its own rules' or 'order that only obeys Itself'. Unprocessed information or raw-data can exist in that state: a perfect sphere + 70s television cartoons + white noise + human tissue +... it wouldn't matter, information doesn't concern itself with categories or the essence of stuff. There it is. Everything waiting to unfold. A jungle of everything.

C. Next comes Two. And Two equals Time.
Time brought the first kind of Formal Order into the Chaos of Information that existed. I said Chaos OF Information, not Chaos AND Information because it's like transference, the numbers will add on 1+1+1+…etc. Number 1 always comes along with the number 0, number 2 always comes along with number 0, 1 and another 1, they get transferred. Always to give birth to something new. I'm here breaking them into single digits because it's easier to explain. But going from Zero to Infinite is like doing one giant step. You cannot stop halfway, with your leg in the air. Or you can, but that's not a step. That's weird.

Chaos + Information = 0 + 1 = 1
and this gives us the coiled cassette tape on the A-side.

Chaos + Information + Time = 0+1+1 = 2
and this gives us the 'nature' of Time.
The 'Press Play' button moment of the universe.

So Time is the first Order, it dictates the pace, that big metronome of the universe. Much like the bass&drum section of a band dictate the rhythm of a song. Also, time divided everything by two. Past and future, life and death, beginning and end, many things. It's what keeps the universe in shape along with number 1. So that's why i say that Time always carries Information. And this pair of Time+Information is something like the Will of Universe. It pushes you and everything along with you from that Zero Moment. The Zero Moment is completely invisible. Our minds can never perceive the Zero via rational methods, but sometimes i think it is possible to get a glimpse of it for seconds, perhaps via intuition or inspiration.

D. And then 3 is like Energy.
Once a Formal Order is established, everything needs the input of Energy to manifest as matter. And that's why i say that Energy has 3 layers.
Here the tape is already rolling and music is heard, it's got impetus. The music we would hear would be something like all the events taking place everywhere according to a certain temporal flow.

Like in the previous scheme above:
0+1 = 1
0+1+1 = 2
0+1+1+1= 3

Next comes Space, or the shape of Space. The difference, i think, is not very big, because Space itself just shapes things into what they are. It puts on the limits for existence. It's like constriction, a closed box. It may bend and twist and et cetera, but what happens in it will be shaped by whatever form it presents.
After comes Matter.
And then i don't know.

I just want to explain why i mentioned the word Love associated with Zero & Chaos, amid all these words devoid of much feeling. Our mind can never perceive the Zero or Chaos via rational methods or by reason alone, but sometimes i think it is possible to get a glimpse of it for fleeting moments, and it is much like joy and inner peace. Something we unconsciously seek but that keeps on hiding behind the sun, that dips below the horizon or vanishes into thin air the moment we wake up. So that's why i say that that is very akin to love, because of its joy and peace it brings. But it is a universal love, not the romantic love or the infatuation love. It's in the broadest sense of the word, it is there, just on the side, hidden from view, outside of time or barriers imposed, and it prevails in and over everything. And that thing, you can find it inside you. It's like going very deep below in your mind and find a place where you are completely free and at one, because in that space you will find Everything from that very first beginning and a sense of complete belonging. Chaos is only scary because our minds don't have any control over it, but then, so is love.

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robert palmer: johnny and mary

Johnny's always runnin' around Tryin' to find certainty He needs all the world to confirm That he ain't lonely Mary counts the walls Knows he tires easily Johnny thinks the world would be right If it could buy the truth from him Mary says "He changes his mind more than a woman" But she made her bed Even when the chance was slim Johnny says, "He's willing to learn When he decides, he's a fool" Johnny says' "He'll live anywhere When he earns to time" Mary combs her hair Says, "She should be used to it" Mary always hedges her bets She never knows what to think She says that he still acts Like he is bein' discovered Scared that he'll be caught Without a second thought runnin' around Johnny feels he's wasting his breath Tryin' to talk sense to her Mary says, "He's lackin' a real Sense of proportion" So she combs her hair Knows he tires easily Johnny's always runnin' around Tryin' to find certainty He needs all the world to confirm That he ain't lonely Mary counts the walls Says, "She should be used to it" Johnny's always runnin' around Runnin' around

i don't like the cover of this song by Placebo.
i also don't like their cover of Kate Bush - Running Up that Hill. I don't like their covers. They shouldn't have made any covers. When it comes to covers, there's always the COVER OR NOT DILEMMA SYNDROME, or the CNOT-DS, i think. I'm inventing, but it sounds about right, to me.

List of covers done of Johnny and Mary:

Anthony Monn - German languange version
Marie Léonor - French language version
The Notwist
Status Quo
Nicole Jackson - dance version
Züri West - Swiss German
Nouvelle Vague
Wir sind Helden
Leigh Jaeger
Tina Turner
Ellen Foley
Melissa Manchester

this is... never... ending. Too much!

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domingo, 5 de maio de 2013

Robert Gabriel Kramer

Nome: Robert Gabriel Kramer (Bob para os amigos, eu chamo-lhe Bob, mas eu sou uma grande amiga dele, sublinhe-se já.) Iniciou a sua actividade nos lendários estúdios da BBC nos idos anos 60 até se aposentar há sete anos atrás. Este senhor, de semblante aparentemente simples e digamos mesmo, bonacheirão, tem um dom que ainda ninguém sabe muito bem qual é. Sabe-se, no entanto, que é detentor de mais de 27 patentes relacionadas com a aplicação de transístores MOSFET. Fez uma fortuna brutal com isso e podia ter construído um império de transístores em que ele teria sido o rei, mas continuou um subordinado nos lendários estúdios da BBC. É um senhor discreto mas perspicaz e sabia do que teria de abdicar. Isto, suspeito eu que esteja relacionado com Maude, sua mulher, hippie de formação.

Nasceu em Stanford Rivers, Reino Unido, a 26 de Novembro de 1942. É casado e feliz com sua mulher e tem com ela uma filha chamada Patricia, publicitária de profissão, presentemente nos EUA. Patricia partilha o seu amor com um peruano de nome Pablo Corazón Aimar. Ela diz que ele é muy caliente. Eu rio-me mas se calhar não devia. E prontos, já estraguei isto, right Bob? Desculpa, Bob. É que ele é um senhor, como já disse, discreto.

É mega-fã de Van Der Graaf Generator e do Peter Hammill.

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sexta-feira, 3 de maio de 2013

No Canto Rasgado

Não há saída por aí.
Esqueceram-se de afixar um sinal
que indique que é um beco sem retorno.

As almas mais desnorteadas
perguntam muitas vezes
que caminho devem tomar.

Marcha atrás, sempre atrás.
Pode ir. Pode ir. À vontade.
Mas custa ter essa liberdade.

Se me pergunta se por acaso
o ocaso desse lado descansa?
Eu respondo-lhe que sim.

Descanse, não o tempo que quiser,
apenas o tempo de uma noite.
Tempo apenas esse que deve descansar.

O dia chama todos os dias por si,
sem o senhor saber.
E depois ainda se vira com sobranceria e diz:
já que acordou comece a viver.

Mas no fim de tudo, antes de adormecer,
o traçado do percurso cabe-lhe a si.

Mas não é por acaso que
o meu veículo está estacionado
no canto do seu mapa mais rasgado.

Queria precisamente dizer-lhe que  
às vezes tudo parece convergir para ali.

E aí convém relembrar-lhe, tendo sempre
a bondade de respeitar a sua liberdade,
de que não há saída por aí.