clarification: cause-effect, events and my definition

I wrote a bit about causality some months ago, and then half an hour ago i was reading about causality on the web. I realized that i was using a similar terminology with a different meaning.

I would like to clarify something. 

By event i mean what is commonly called the phenomenon
The event is what can be perceived, measured, studied, etc. 
We only deal with events, they are what make up reality. 

The event is never a cause or an effect: it is what happens when the process of causality occurs.
But the event/phenomenon always carries with it information from its generating cause.

The information in the event/phenomenon is temporary.
But the information that is delivered from the cause to the effect is permanent

To put it very unscientifically:

.The cause is the ultimate past.
.The event is the present.
.The effect is the ultimate future.

Maybe i should call the information of the causal process some kind of noumenon of the Kantian language. Except this information would not be static, it would ( fantastic!!!)* only exist in motion. And that motion would begin with the First Cause.

This First Cause is something like Chaos.

For this last 'chaos' part check this post here.

For the rest, click on the 'causality' tags, etc.

*edit major silliness!! am dritte juni.


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