the universal rhythm in nature, life and society

Nothing is static in the physical universe. All is in a state of constant flux.  And nothing changed significantly since the beginning of the physical universe. Stuff is or was created and then that stuff is turned into something else. The laws didn't change, they are the same.
The rhythm is the same. And by rhythm, i mean:

Rhythm = Time + Information acting together.

Everything will eventually stop being what it is and become something else. Nothing can escape this. Example: an atom will gather one or two more electrons and then change into another 'form' with other properties; some star will lose its gravity pull, expand and then explode or collapse; a flower will blossom in Spring, then it will disappear to give birth to the fruit or the seed.

This poses a language problem.
We use the verb 'to be'  when referring to existing objects: they are there because they exist. But existence is a process of becoming something else. So actually we shouldn't use the present form 'is' and instead use the form 'is being' or we can try to use the verb 'to become' .

Of course, by changing the present tense or by using the verb 'to become', on practical terms, we will only add confusion to the communication.

1. The sun is a star.
1.a. The sun is being a star. - OK
1.b. The sun becomes a star. - less OK

2. Swallows are birds.
2.a. Swallows are being birds. - weird. Not OK. (it's poetic, though)
3.b. Swallows become birds. - less OK.

3. That house used to be yellow.
3.a. That house used to being yellow. - Nonsense. Not OK.
3.b. That house used to become yellow. - weird. Not OK.

This makes no sense, grammar has its own rules and they serve their purpose. But changing them sometimes may clarify other areas that appear to be less clear. Applying this, for example, to the subjects relating to the individual, the society and basically all that is related to mankind, may prove to be (to become - here it fits) of a useful value.

A person is born and this person P has all the life L waiting to unfold.
P here is the Cause
L the Info Pathway

L can only unfold within the Universal Rhythm (see above)

When P is born, P cannot be unborn. That cannot be changed.

And P is born into that Universal Rhythm of Life, of Nature, of everything — that also cannot be changed. When P is born, a chain of events is established and the only way for P to go 'forward' is by tuning in to this Rhythm. By 'forward' i mean making choices that help P achieve the complete fulfillment of the L that awaits P at the moment of birth — in other words, to make the most out of Life. P should be striving to achieve that goal, or P's Cause. The good thing about the fulfillment of the goal is that it brings much happiness, inner peace and joy.

I said 'striving' because it's a war P has to wage against all the impediments, all the obstacles and all the counter-currents P faces on the way to become what P truly is. P must strive to be genuine, to express P's true nature. And that nature, that essence that P carries from the moment P is born must be always finely tuned with the Rhythm of the Universe. This process of becoming true does bring with it much strife and maybe much suffering, but in the end, when D comes, P will know how to accept it as part of a cycle and will know how an end is just the beginning of something else.

Also, society is always in the process of becoming something else.
Society cannot turn a blind eye to this universal rhythm of life. If society itself is a congregation of Life, how on earth can it do so? Doing so makes it false, untrue, and puts even more stones on the Person's path to happiness and joy. And if many Persons of a certain society cannot fulfill their cause, or express their essence, society will enter a process of decay. The fabric of society will eventually tear and something new will come, something more in tune with that Rhythm. 

I think humans should always keep an eye on what's going on in Nature. Nature is like a Clock, it synchronizes us with a Universal Time far beyond the one we use to govern our daily chores, the stop-go time we see in rush hour, the bad timing of politicians, the time of 'getting at work on time' etc. Nature always, no matter what, urges us to be truer to our essence. Power and money are like the big corruptors, they make humans forget who they really should strive to become.


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