time analogy as a spiral

1. The I at the center stands for Information.

2. The Center of the spiral is where the Primal Cause would stand.

3. Green lines coming from the center of the spiral are Information Part-ways (i just put some randomly, they are the 'arms' of the spiral), but i think that their number can be determined. In this example i put eight of them. 

4. Information Part-ways become Information Pathways.

5.  Cw, Cx, Cetc show how causality can be non-linear outside the frame of sequential time.

I tried to portray time as a Spiral because i think it is truer to its nature. If i could make it in a 3D drawing i would probably draw some egg-shape thing.

In our 4D reality, a linear arrow of time is fine, it suits us very well and it doesn't pose any real troublesome kind of problem. But as we shift to slightly different more complex scales such as the universe or our consciousness, then we start to face more and more inconsistencies, more and more question marks, up until things just stop making any sense. And no matter from how many angles we try to look at the problem, there is always something that seems or feels odd and not quite right. 

Back to the image above: the line that connects the Past and the Future is the same, there are no disruptions. But the future and the past are thus connected in a different way than that which we are usually accustomed to or perceive. The relationship between two Events (or the answer to the 'why now and why here?' question), can be found sometimes, very far away in Time, either in the Future or in the Past. 

I make no reference to Space.
That is because i think Space is the where physical/material things exist. It is the vehicle for Energy to travel and the arena where Events manifest themselves. Time is where the immaterial and the 'hidden' travel, the laws that govern what happens in Space are imprinted in Time. 
I can also say that space is where the Existence is, and Time is where the Essence is.

cf.: sense and meaning, primordial time and the primal cause and cause-effect, time, energy, information


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