blah, blah, brain struck

brain struck,
a dangerous move it made.

There are the mechanics of space and time and there are the mechanics of thought. These 2 are intertwined. The 'normal' or 'common sense' mechanics of space/time are newtonian mechanics and they operate within the time frame of causality, or time dimension. That also means they are sequenced and ordered in time, and can (after laws established)  predict events.

Humans live in 3D plus t=time (overall 4D) so of course this operating system of thought makes sense. Temporal, cause/effect rational thought fits in nicely within the 4 Dimension world because our humans only have immediate access to these dimensions, and because of that, all those theoretical clockworks of rational thought offer very practical results. Also, these allow what currently is called 'progress'.

 In order for people to function properly on a daily basis, they must have their thought mechanics, to a certain degree, synchronized with those of their surroundings — them being space and time, same to everyone. There should be a certain degree of harmony too, i believe. What happens sometimes is that the thought process anti-chronizes with the sequential temporal line of events that is presented to us in 4D. This is not a bad thing in itself. It allows a tremendous amount of freedom in the mind and is propitious to creative thinking. But a human can only tolerate it for so long. After all, we are stuck in space and time, and from a young age we were taught to live within those parameters. But after a long period on anti-chronization, a person literally loses the sense of real because it is like living on a different time-line.

Science and practically every field of study there is, currently discards these thoughts as irrational bullshit instead of trying to find meaning in them (because there is always meaning in everything). And everything has such a reductionist - proper word being atomistic - view of everything. You have a problem, you go one scale below to solve said problem. Example: person is always nervous, medic knows that three or four scales below, at the molecule level there is an imbalance. So lets balance the imbalance with chemicals. That's how most things are fixed nowadays. Fixing the body, fixing a country, fixing the planet, etc. The way forward is not by going back, infinitely back. That's absurd!

I think one must not think in terms of scales, of going infinitely back every time a problem appears. I think one must find a universal pattern, or global one, at least. Two seemingly unrelated events can even be the same event. And i think that's where quantum physics may play an important role. I'm guessing it must have something to do with the shape of the spiral and symmetry, but don't ask me why because i don't know how to answer. Why? Because this thought comes not from any rational process, i find no causality for it. Another explanation is that this particular thought was processed outside the time frame sequence and in word-language no meaning can be conveyed to thoughts processed outside the time-frame — the exception goes out to symbols, that's why they can have so much power. Symbols have the characteristic of being permanent because of its immanence, they exist in the collective unconsciousness. The other thing is consciousness, how can science explain it in its current terms? Consciousness doesn't manifest in 4D.  Now i'm upset.

*edited 4 hours later because it was confusing.


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